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‘[…] when you build a thing you cannot merely build that thing in isolation, but must also repair the world around it and within it, so that the larger world at that one place becomes more coherent, and more whole; and the thing which you make takes its place in the web of nature as you make it.’

Christopher Alexander

A Pattern Language, 1971


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Makower Architects is an international practice specialising in Architecture and Urbanism. Current projects include a landmark group of residential buildings in West London with a twenty story tower, three major developments in Cambridge with a mix of civic and residential buildings, a large mixed-use office development and 80 hectare heritage-led masterplan in Doha, Qatar, and several Hertiage projects. Our approach to design, at all scales, is one of ‘contemporary contextualism' and in the firm’s work there is a fascination in both place and history being the source and ‘seed’ of design.   Design should grow out of its context - in time and place - in order to fit in.

All projects begin with Research. History of architecture and urbanism are  essential parts of ‘Living Heritage’ where the past and the future are inextricably bound into the present and together work as generators; for projects to grow out of, and thereby fit into, their Context. Current projects can be viewed here.

The workload includes over 1,000 residential units (at all design stages from concept through to detail), over half a million square feet of office and retail space, and masterplans totalling over 100 hectares. The team is spread between offices in London and Doha and is now 30 people strong.

The Team

Tim is a Londoner. He is an architect, urbanist and a cultural polymath, educated at Cambridge and the Royal College of Art, and through his childhood, in the hilltowns of Umbria. In London and Doha. He founded Makower Architects  in 2012,  after many years as a Partner of Allies and Morrison, to ‘push the boundaries’ of Architecture and Urbanism. Makower Architects is an exceptional and multi-disciplinary team of international architects, designers and creatives to collaborate on new projects. All share the vision that creative dialogue – with clients and others – is the key to good design; ‘the answer lies in the space between’. Visual representation skills are crucial to the communication of ideas and the team use CAD and 3D technology using the latest BIM technology, modelling and visualisation techniques,  to interpret and overlay images with hand-drawn sketches.











Culture and Education

Makower Architects is continuously involved in cultural and educational projects, such as Pattern-Book Qatar and the ‘World Jigsaw Company’.  Tim was Professor of Architecture at Qatar University and has also taught at University College London. Tim is a member of the Advisory Board for the Gulf Encyclopedia for Sustainable Urbanism with Harvard University, as well as the creator of ‘10x10 Drawing the City for the charity Article 25’.  Tim lectures frequently and writes for various publications.

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