Al Asmakh Regeneration

This Regeneration Framework demonstrates how the historic quarters of Doha, Asmakh and Najada, could become Qatar’s exemplar for ‘heritage-led regeneration’.  In the majority of successful cities around the World, the older, once run-down areas of the city become highly sought after places. This project demonstrates that the same could be true for Doha. Older areas are the roots of the city: the place from where it began to grow. The design sets a direction for continuing that process of evolution: rooted firmly in the Past whilst looking confidently into the Future. Development in this way would benefit both the local and wider tourism economy.



The central spine of Al Asmakh is ‘Triple-A Street’ – set to become one of Doha’s most popular urban spaces.

Each urban block is a patchwork of old and new. The old is like ‘urban spice’ adding flavour to the character of the neighbourhood

Gradually, Doha’s architectural vernacular transforms into a new language of buildings, and spaces between buildings: Qatari Contemporary.

Low-grade apartment blocks are transformed, over time, into fine places to live and good-looking pieces of the street-scape. Meanwhile old courtyard houses are renewed and re-inhabited by young urban families; pleased to find a home in the heart of the city.

‘Triple-A Street’ is traffic calmed, with a linear carpark below and paving, trees and benches above, like Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Existing buildings and retail units are renewed and updated; setting a new direction for urban regeneration in Doha.

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