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Makower Architects is a new practice, working in the fields of urban design and architecture. It was launched in 2011 when Tim Makower decided to leave Allies and Morrison, one of London’s best known firms, where he had been a partner since 2006.

Makower Architects has offices in London and Doha. Its current projects in Doha include a mosque, a nursery and a watchtower. Tim is also the lead architect (known as the Architectural Language Advisor) for Msheireb Properties, creators of the Msheireb Project which, as well as being a major piece of urban regeneration, is a cultural project with a mission to realise a new architectural identity for 21st century Qatar. Tim has been the ‘architectural voice’ of Msheireb since its inception and is the author of the Seven Steps; the guidelines which are now being developed into a book for publication next year.

Tim believes that creative dialogue – with clients and others – is the key to good design; ‘the answer lies in the space between’. He describes his approach to design as ‘contemporary contextualism’. It is fundamental to his approach that he works from the broadest to the finest scale in parallel. It is also fundamental that all his projects are conceived, and drawn, in three dimensions. His objective is to achieve a timeless architecture, built for the long-term. This motive underpins his universal commitment to designing ‘sustainable’ projects at all levels.

Amongst his various architectural pursuits, he has been involved in many cultural and educational projects, including teaching at Qatar University and University College London, writing and exploring new initiatives in design such as Pattern-Book Qatar and the ‘World Jigsaw Company’. He is a member of the Advisory Board for the Gulf Encyclopedia for Sustainable Urbanism with Harvard University and is the creator of ‘10×10 Drawing the City’.

In all Tim’s work, there is an interest in place, and in history, as being the source and ‘seed’ of design. All his projects begin with Research. He sees architecture and urbanism as an essential part of ‘Living Heritage’ where the past and the future are inextricably bound into the present and together work as generators; for projects to grow out of, and thereby fit into, their Context.

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  1. Good Morning
    Dear sir
    I am an Egyptian Architect with +4 years experience, Working in ksa as a project architect for an administration office building, I would like to send my cv and portfolio for your office seeking a challenging position in the field of architectural engineering.
    so please I f you may sand me an email so I could forward my data on it I will be more than glad to join your network.
    Kind regards.
    Mohamed Emad

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