Film about 10×10, courtesy of Crane TV & Article 25.

This film is about 10×10 – courtesy of Crane TV and Article 25.

The idea is simple:
100 architects, artists and designers each take a square of London and put together a ‘collective snapshot’.
Each of us explores … and then draws … whatever catches our eye.
The pleasure is in 3 things:
1. Looking at places we are familiar with in a new way – finding that what seemed ordinary yesterday is extraordinary today.
2. Sharing our discoveries with others – being part of something broader than our own experience.
3. Helping to raise money for projects in places around the World where life – and the built environment – is not as comfortable as it is in London – delivered through the expert hands of Article 25.
The first post (see below) was about the picture I did, with my son Noah’s help, in Great Scotland Yard.

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