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I see the Earth, a girating and rotating orb, surrounded by vapours, warmed by the Sun, protected by Ozone.

I see the Seas, held to the Earth by its own gravitational force, evaporating and condensing in clouds and rain.

The Sea is salty, the rain is not.


I see a tree, a Desert Tree. Its leaves whisper in the wind. The tree is drinking from the ground, it is perspiring and respiring. It grows over time.

Its roots absorb water H 2 O which travels through its body to reach the leaf.

The leaf absorbs light and energy from the Sun for photosynthesis. CO2 is absorbed, O2 is produced. I breath the air.

The air is hot and the tree gives shade.

When it rains, the water gathers in the Wadi and runs to the Sea.

Underground the well is full – the well of Msheireb; place of sweet water.



Deep in the Earth, plants compress and decompose.

Over millennia, oil and gas are made; ready to burn.

Further down, inside the Earth, is fire of liquid rock and gas.


In the sand I walk, blinded and burnt by the Sun.

I respire and perspire, like the tree, but my sweat is salty.

I need shade and I sit under the tree. Invisible water droplets exude from the leaves and evaporate to cool my skin in the breeze.

I am thirsty so I drink; water from a bottle, a bottle made of plastic, plastic from oil.

The water is sweet not salty; it has been desalinated.




I am in the car, driving through the desert. The AC cools my face.

The engine burns oil made into petrol, combustion produces motion and pollution.

Small explosions in the engine make noise but inside the car there is music.

The air inside is cooled; the air outside is heated up.

CO2 is emitted and eats away at the ozone layer



When it is hot I stay inside, when it is cool, I open the windows and walk in the street.

In this street, behind this wall is a cooling plant.

Engines are making cold water by combustion and evaporation.

Water is falling, sharing the cold water across the neighbourhood, cooling people and

buildings with minimum waste, minimum carbon, minimum energy, maximum comfort.


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