Doha Corniche

An Iconic Crescent of Lights reinforces what the Corniche already is, and gives it a three-dimensional Identity. A simple linear link to the main spine of West Bay combines with other radial connectors to bring the Corniche to the City and the City to the Corniche. The Corniche is the Great Connector.


The Centre of a City is part of its Soul.

To affirm the identifying motif of Doha – the Curve of the Corniche – is the city's embrace: dowaiha. To Cherish its Calm horizon, and to Celebrate the dialogue which it Creates between New and Old across the space of the Bay - and between the Land and the Sea - will reinforce what Doha is, and where it comes from, without the need for imported forms or faraway ideas.



Concentric layers of experience and enclosure build up around the Bay

Dowaiha – the embrace of the City

A Crescent of Lights

Extruding the space of Doha Bay into three dimensions – with a light touch

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