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Doha On Centre is a study of the ‘Heart and Soul’ of Doha. The three part centre of the City; Old Doha, ‘New Doha’ (West Bay) and the grand curve of the Doha Corniche.

The dialogue established by the Corniche - between new and old, between land and sea – is essential to the Identity of the city. This embracing space, with ‘One-tree Island’ at its centre, is like a lens by which the city views itself. It is the ‘urban majlis’ which holds the city together, the great gathering place.

The study examines movement networks within Old Doha and West Bay and how they connect via the Corniche. It stretches out into the surrounding neighbourhoods, radiating from the centre.


The jigsaw pieces  fit together in a natural way; an organic pattern; a response to external forces

To stitch the City together with a movement network offering choice – by car, bike, foot or public transport - this is Doha’s opportunity for the next decade.

Each neighbourhood is a jigsaw piece, coming together to make a complete jigsaw

The iconic curve holds new and old together

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