GORD Eco-Villa

The GORD Eco-Villa is a prototype house. Its aim is to set a new benchmark, firstly in sustainable low-energy design within the Gulf Region and secondly to signpost the way to a new Qatari vernacular architecture, both rooted in tradition and looking into the Future.

Like the timeless traditional architecture of the Region, the architectural language of the Eco-Villa is a response to climate and materials. It uses the latest technology to reinterpret traditional forms in contemporary ways. Its sitting, forms, spaces and details have been developed to push the boundaries of low energy climatic design, with the aim of demonstrating that good affordable architecture in Qatar can be environmentally responsible, culturally resonant and comfortable to live in.

Demonstration features are employed throughout the design such as photovoltaic panels which also shade a roof terrace, passive climatic design and mixed mode cooling systems which minimize energy loads and grey-water recycling which reduces water consumption.



Timeless but contemporary

A layout based on tradition

Carved mass

Natural light in the centre of the house

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