At Makower Architects we are keen to  introduce students to the world of Architecture. We encourage anyone who is considering the profession to apply for work experience with us. Please speak to Donna Macfadyen in the London Office if you are interested.





Jessica was with us for  5 weeks before beginning her 3rd year at Uni.

"During my time at Makower Architects, I was involved in a diverse range of projects that helped my understanding of Architecture in practice. I used a variety of programmes, from Photoshop to Revit, which helped develop my skills which I can now apply to my studies.


Sophie was with us for 1 week while she was doing her GCSEs.

"While I was at Makower architects I took  part in different projects which helped me to understand what an architect does. I was fortunate enough to attend meetings, learn to photoshop an image and make a scale model of a project. I had a fantastic week and everyone was really welcoming."

My internship was something that I definitely benefited from and I encourage others to do the same. The experience was valuable to say the least, and working with the team was a pleasure."

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