Rode Hall

The Rode Hall Glazed Court is a project to restore the original servants’ wing of Rode Hall, a Grade II listed house in Cheshire (1720–1780), and to reinstate the original role of the Glazed Court as one of the two focal points of the home. The principal rooms of the hall, centred around the main staircase, are now frequently open to the public. As a result the rear part of the house has become increasingly important as the hub of family life. The brief was to rationalise these areas, to clear out the accretions of time, and to fill the ‘second heart of the house’ with light. A crisp new architecture was called for; to enhance the harmony of the existing building and to respect its character.

The proposal inserted a simple glazed shell into the historic fabric, whilst retaining the character and ‘collage quality’ of the existing structure. Around the Glazed Court, which makes connections between levels and between the various wings of the house, a variety of functions are located. Slight adjustments to their formation and relationships will unlock the rich potential of this complex piece of history for the benefit of those who live in and use the building, and for future generations.


A second heart for the family home

The former glazed court

A complex collage of many generations

Bringing light into the centre of the house

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