Sibella Makower


Sibella is a Director of Makower Architects. She is a painter and a member of AAH, Artists at Home. Many of her paintings are on display in our London office 'The CABIN'.

'My paintings are firstly a response to places and things which are important to me, primarily my garden and the River Thames near where I live, the landscapes of the North Wessex Downs and Quercy in France.

Within a still life or landscape, I seek to explore the dialogue between forms which seem to possess separate identities and the space which  weaves connectedness and a harmony of parts .

Through the process of painting  I set out to find a meeting  place between inner and outer worlds.'

Sibella remarks on the painting  entitled 'apple tree in spring', shown below, 'I like to look at moments of transition in my painting: here, the garden is coming out of winter into spring.'

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