The Gateway

The QEZ Gateway creates both a memorable welcome and an exemplar of sustainability; energy, comfort and quality. It will be built to last: fast and economic to construct, yet designed for long term success.


The project has 5 primary objectives:

1. A calm backdrop that does not compete with the HQ building.

2. A hierarchy of arrival, 8 buildings with a strong sense of address.

3. A phasing strategy that optimising the Gateway identity and arrival experience in phase 1.

4. An inviting public realm with permeable connections beyond.

5. Flexible and efficient open floor plates that offer diversity and modularity.


A simple contemporary architectural language is proposed, growing from Qatar’s tradition of simplicity, solidity, layering and the restrained use of ornament; a direct response to materials, construction and climate.



The project combines a rich, delightful street scape with efficient and flexible space-planning, high quality, economic construction and optimised parking.

Our overall aim for the Gateway Project is to achieve a Balance; between technology and poetry; between pragmatism and delight.

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