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West Bay, Doha

West Bay now is hard to navigate, hard to cross the road and hard to feel at home. Its buildings seem alien; from one another and from their context; in terms of material, language and scale.

West Bay in the future could be a more welcoming place, offering shade, shop-fronts and a greater sense of enclosure. Parking could be rearranged in order to add a layer of human scale and animation; to bring the street to life.

The proposal for West Bay involves linking its ‘spine’ to the Corniche and transforming it into an urban boulevard - following a line which is currently an accidental ‘chink’ between two tower blocks but could become a major pedestrian connector.


A collection of free-standing, Separated forms,

Floating in space

A walkable network of defined space,

Intermediate scale

Active frontage

RETRO-FIT CITY: Making places for people.

A synthesis of what is and what might be

The central spine of West Bay connects the Corniche to the Northern Beach and unlocks the plan for the entire area

Before and After: adding a layer of human scale - creating a pedestrian environment

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