Celebration Park, Doha, Qatar

Perspective View - Tournament
Perspective View - Legacy
Plan View - Tournament
Plan View - Legacy
The site in context
1/5 Perspective View - Tournament

The study of Celebration Park explores how the current masterplan for a cultural and sports hub, is located on the site of the original QP headquarters, can be adapted to give the greatest possible benefits for:

The Qatar World Cup in 2022: to ‘Deliver Amazing’; both a unique Stadium at this pivotal location in the city and a Tournament setting of the highest functionality and delight.

The making of Celebration Park: a place of special identity, relevant to the people of Qatar and a thriving attraction for the Nation’s youth,

A Lasting Legacy for Doha: an extraordinary new mixed use destination; grown from the roots of this place in terms of character, whilst boldly embodying contemporary Qatar and looking to the Long Term future as a commercially sustainable proposition.

Site Plan - Tournament
Site Plan - Legacy
1/2 Site Plan - Tournament

This site has a unique identity - on account of its location, its history and the role it has played in Qatar’s oil industry – which can define the experience of visitors (both for the World Cup, for Celebration Park and for other activities) and make it into one of Qatar’s most successful destinations.

There is a natural location for the Stadium; at the pivot-point of the Coastline and the meeting place of two significant axes:

The line of arrival on Ras Bu Abboud Road
The ‘final straight’ of the Corniche

This locates the Stadium at the very water’s edge, looking out over the Bay.

A Stadium in this location can be the ‘Welcome Lantern’ of Doha – welcoming visitors both for the World Cup in 2022 and far into the Future; a beacon for all those arriving by Land, Air and Sea.



Doha, Qatar