Lusail Marina Tower, Doha, Qatar

The project is a waterfront development containing two restaurants, a 180 key hotel and 120 serviced apartments. The design speaks of the relationship between Land and Sea – the essential theme in the history and identity of Qatar.

The Land-side is built up of stacked blocks. The Sea-side is horizontal, echoing the horizon. With a clear division of base, middle and top, the building is divided into two wings, each of which is built up of cellular elements, bringing a bold architecture and a human scale.

The blocks are twisted to maximise views of the water. Alternating balconies and ‘outdoor rooms’ are created, giving indoor-outdoor spaces for residents, offering privacy, comfort and choice.


The facades are deeply modelled, both to ensure that the glazing is shaded, to minimise cooling loads, and to create a dynamic surface, brought alive in the strong light and shadow of Qatar.


Lusail, Qatar


Al Bandary Properties






180 key hotel, 120 apartments