Parkside, Clapham, London, UK

Parkside Clapham represents the transformation of a waste recycling depot into a cluster of some 250 homes on a 1.5 hectare site, just South of Clapham Common, within a few minutes walk of Clapham Common station.

Inspired by the memory of the meandering ponds which flowed across the site in the 19th Century, the plan creates a series of positive green spaces, stepping down the strongly sloping site, formed in direct response to the layout of neighbouring blocks.

Aerial view of the scheme
Aerial view of the scheme

A quiet haven is created, but one which is connected to surrounding streets via a series of well defined thresholds and relationships.

In terms of built form this series of apartment blocks, ranging from five to ten storeys, is articulated with a vertical grain and is sculpted to create a rich skyline.

Meanwhile a line of town houses gives an intermediary scale along the perimeter of the site.


London, UK


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1.5ha, 250 units