The Diamond Stadium, Doha, Qatar

The site of Precinct Five is currently cut up into five disconnected parts. It is unable to achieve a significant level of integration -of Programme or Development Potential -either now or for the future. It is also disconnected from its Context. The idea of locating the Q22 Stadium on the site of Qatar Sports Club is being considered.

At present the site is harsh, under-developed and inaccessible except by car. The roads which surround it are not designed for pedestrians and are impossible to cross.The Qatar Sports Club and KhalifaTennis Centre are enclaves within an urban enclave.


On all four sides however there are magnets of immense importance to the city:

Grand Park
West Bay
Doha Corniche
The Grand Mosque

With the catalyst of the ‘Diamond’ Stadium, these major assets can be brought together; as an integrated piece of Doha’s centre. Desire lines abound at this ‘keystone’ location within the city; from the Grand Mosque to the Corniche; from West Bay to the Grand Park. Three Metro stations serve the site but as yet no natural or comfortable connections exist.

Looking Northwest towards the Grand Mosque
Looking Southeast towards the MIA
Looking Northeast towards West Bay
From the Corniche
Looking up ‘Bay Street’
Approaching the Stadium
Approaching the Grand Mosque
1/7 Looking Northwest towards the Grand Mosque
Terraced urban blocks form a strong edge to Grand Park, like Central Park in New York
Tree-lined slip roads are created with street-shops and arcades; softening the harsh environment
Working with the site levels - stitching together the city while solving the functional diagram
1/3 Terraced urban blocks form a strong edge to Grand Park, like Central Park in New York

To create an inner gathering place, teeming with life –Barahatal Dafna–and prime frontages looking out across the Grand Park, and an urban realm washed by the sound of the muezzin from the Grand Mosque; this is indeed a prime opportunity.

The key is three words; MIX, MIX and MIX. To ensure that this new neighbourhood is far more than just a sports complex; to realise its potential for residential, workspace and leisure uses; to achieve maximum values, optimum revenue generation and cultural intensity; this is key to the success and long-term sustainability of the site.


Doha, Qatar