Umm Salal Mohammed, Umm Salal, Qatar

Umm Salal is about the land; rocks and water; erosion over time.

Part of the experience of Umm Salal for the visitor should be to feel close, to touch the land – to feel its undulations and variations; to be carried away by the Magic of its Setting. Umm Salal is poised between Sunrise and Sunset; time passing through the day and through the year; light changes; water levels rise and fall. The beating sun and the rains; plants sleeping underground and springing into life.

It is a place for events, for gathering, for visitors far and near; a place to remember. Umm Salal is about a Family; the father and son; wives, daughters, brothers, cousins, servants. It is a family of buildings, major and minor, public and private. It is an intimate home and a monument; both a domestic compound and a national symbol; a Welcome.


Umm Salal, Qatar