June 2017

Two Weeping Eyes and a Bleeding Heart

These beautiful scissor signals on the walls of Old Doha – the barber’s calling cards – are under threat. How many haircuts do they represent (and how many hairs) ? I wonder how much it would cost to remove them from the wall in tact, and if we did what would their value be ?

I like the word ‘value’; it has a double meaning. It means something calculable; something which can be traded; which rises and falls with the ebb and flow of the market place; with the science of supply and demand. It also means something impossible to measure; something personal and intuitive – sometimes secret and un-acknowledged.

I like the stencil with three dribbles most. It is a frozen moment; something to treasure, full of life but painfully fragile; two weeping eyes and a bleeding heart.

Do you have a favourite ?