Silk Park, Hendon, Barnet, London, UK


Silk Park is a major landmark project for St. George and Sainsbury’s by Hutchinson & Partners and Makower Architects, with landscape architects Murdoch Wickham. This placemaking-led scheme is rooted both in the history of the site and its natural setting. It transforms what is currently a standard big-box store surrounded by tarmac into a new 2-acre neighbourhood park open to the Silk Stream, and a newly activated street frontage, with a state-of-the-art Sainsbury’s and residential haven gardens above.

Located at the confluence of the Silk Stream and Edgware Road, and a short walk from Hendon Station, on the site of the famous Duple factory, the layout is a dynamic combination of formal and informal geometries; following both the straight line of the Roman road and the soft curve of the stream.

Above all else, the heart of the project is the park; centrepiece of a playful and playable landscape, with lawns, plantations, a dramatic water feature and a wilderness walk along the Silk Stream; all playing their part in the wider green network of Hendon.

Makower Architects were responsible for the design of the park and the three buildings in Phase 02 are free standing elements and benefits from generous and varied views to Silk Garden and the Silk Stream. As all the façade are primary the architecture treatment will be more dynamic than the urban blocks with the use of angled balconies and staggered and accent materials. All of the buildings will benefit to high quality aspect onto Silk Garden or the Silk Stream, connected to the landscape.



Barnet, London


St George






1380 units